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Little time to read today

Cassie Lime, from Winnipeg, contacted me in July 2018 looking for a logo/blog design. She tried to DIY but the whole process was too overwhelming. She found my Pro Blogger package perfect for her.

Unlike most of my clients, she didn’t have a company. She was trying to build a blog that didn’t look amateur.

She also wanted a logo that looks like she had no time to think on a logo.


Creative Process

Brand Questionnaire

The first thing I do is sending a branding questionnaire. This way I can understand her goals to create the perfect branding for her business.


After meeting the client and exchange some emails, I created the logo and the color palette.


Project Management

I also create a Trello Project and every new step of the process I post there, so all can be in the same place.

We worked together to achieve the blog launch at the best time. She told me she was trying to launch for more than 6 months and never thought of using a Project Manager App, that she often got lost in the process. 


After everything was done and launched, I still do Social Media graphics (Pinterest and Instagram) for her. We are working on an Instagram Ad Campaign for the quarter 4.

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